McCook Optimist Club = Friend of Youth
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Upcoming events will require good member support to continue to successfully support the youth in our area.

We meet weekly to support our various youth activities. Meetings include time for members to have lunch, catch up, and cover our agenda concering upcoming activities. Frequently we will invite in a local speaker, coach, or teacher to discuss various current issues.

Location: Pizza Hut - Highway 83
Time: Noon
Day: Monday
You can reach us at:

General Information

Aaron Broz, President 2013-2014

Jason Grigg, Secretary 2013-2014

Ron Smith & Mark Graff, Treasurers
McCook Optimist Club - Since 1972 - PO Box 272, McCook, NE 69001-0272
2015 NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick
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September 20th, 2015
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